• JCHS Business Team


    Sponsors:  Mrs. Kosco and Mrs. Will

    Classes Taught:

    Mrs. Kosco: Medical Terminology, Keyboarding, Business Concepts, Accounting, CVE, Jobsite


    Mrs. Will: Computer Concepts, Computer Repair/Robotics, Info Processing, Webpage Design, Yearbook

  • Requirements for Business Team:  Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors must have three semesters of business classes (previous & current), complete the membership form, join the Google Classroom, and pay $5 dues.


    Members of the business team participate in many activities throughout the year such as fundraisers (selling Malone's taffy), volunteering for the Special Olympics, sponsoring a local boy & girl for Angel Tree (usually a family with a brother and sister in it, from Johnston City.), and holding a food drive.  

    At the end of the year there is an educational field trip.

  • Two 18 month-old Johnston City residents were chosen by the Business Club this year for their Angel Tree donations. 

    One boy and one girl were the lucky recipients from this generous crew.


     Angel Tree

  • Applications are available outside Mrs. Kosco & Mrs. Will's classroom doors.