• Mrs. Clay’s School Supply List

    3rd grade @ Lincoln School Johnston City

    **Please label all supplies                                 ALL SCHOOL

    and have them ready for                             SUPPLIES MUST BE

    use on Aug 14, 2013.                                        LATEX FREE.


    __6 compostition or spiral notebooks (NOT COLLEGE RULED)

    LABELED: Reading/Spelling, Language, Journal, Social Studies, Science, Research. Plan on replacing them each semester.

    __6 pocket folders-You should probably buy extra folders while they are on sale       because they tear up and need to be replaced. LABELED: Reading/Spelling, Math, Language, Social Studies, Science,leave one blank.This is a very important   organizational tool and must be replaced when needed.

    ___ 1 package of notebook paper (NOT COLLEGE RULED)

    ___Red & Black pens. You should have 2 of each color at a time. Please make sure you have enough for the whole year.

    __Highlighters (any color)

    __Pencils and a pink pearl eraser (Buy 90 pencils for the year)

    __Pencil bag to keep in desk for pens, pencils, scissors, and highlighter

    __Crayons AND Markers (Crayola are Latex free)

    __Scissors        __Elmer’s glue    __glue stick   

    __school box to keep in locker for art supplies

    __Kleenex         __backpack       __clipboard      

    __cheap wallet to keep “Becky Bucks” in    

    __ ruler with inches and centimeters

    __JUMBO (or 2 regular size) METAL magazine files (to keep workbooks in)

    ---OPTIONAL: paper towels, large baggies, Clorox wipes


    ***PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR CHILD THROUGHOUT THE YEAR TO SEE THAT S/HE HAS THE SUPPLIES NEEDED. If you would like to donate small toys, books, popcorn, candy, icy pops, or anything else for the “Becky Bucks” store, you can bring them to school the first week. They will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!