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    Business Education Teacher, Sophomore Class Sponsor, Yearbook Advisor, Business Club Co-Sponsor

    Hello and welcome to my site.   Below you will find my class schedule and current class details.  If you would like to contact me, please use the first link to the left in the Navigation Pane titled "Contact Mrs. Will".  You may also send photos that you feel would look great on our school website or in our yearbook by sending them to hwill@jcindians.org.  Reminder:  You may check on your child's grades at any time through TeacherEase.  Grades are updated by Friday afternoons. A link to TeacherEase has been provided in my Navigation Pane to the left. 

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    Daily Schedule

    1st Hour 

    Computer Concepts I / Computer Concepts II

    2nd Hour

    Computer Repair / Robotics

    3rd Hour

    Web Page Design I / Web Page Design II

    4th Hour

    Information Processing A / Information Processing B

    5th Hour

    Information Processing A / Information Processing B

    Lunch B


    6th Hour 

    Computer Repair / Robotics

    7th hour

    Yearbook/Journalism I and II


  • I Want Microsoft Office for FREE!


    Did you know that with a John A. Logan e-mail address, which you receive while enrolled in classes at JALC (even dual credit), you can receive Microsoft Office for FREE?

    CLICK HERE to download your copy of Microsoft Office for Students.  

  • Christmas Decorations made in Microsoft Word using only shapes and their imagination.

  • The above image is an example of a Word Art project completed by some of my classes.  The students chose a topic and typed as many words as they could think of pertaining to their topic.  They copied and pasted their information into Wordle.net to make their creations.  Finally, they used the print screen option or the snipping tool to paste their creations in Microsoft Word and show them off with a picture style.