• Harvey


    My name is Faith Harvey.  I taught alternative high school and GED classes at Shawnee Community College for two years before beginning here at Johnston City High School.  This is my first year teaching full-time in a traditional public school setting.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences from Austin Peay State University and a Master's Degree in Plant Biology from SIUC.  While I was earning my Master's Degree and working with science teachers around Southern Illinois, I realized I wanted to become a teacher instead of continuing to work in research. 

    Fun Fact:  My husband and I are going on five years of marriage and we have two dogs and a rabbit.  I have a red heeler mix, a beagle mix, and a Holland lop rabbit.  Their names are Bucket, Rudy, and Basil, respectively.  My husband and I love spending time outside and watching sports together.  I have lots of hobbies, including gardening, fishing, crafting, etc.!  I'm so excited to be here at Johnston City and I'm enjoying getting to know everyone so much!

     Class Schedule

    1.)Anatomy and Physiology

    2.)Biology I

    3.)Earth and Space Science

    4.)Biology I

    5.)Biology I

    (Lunch A)

    6.)Biology I

    7.)Earth and Space Science