• First/Second Semester Class Schedule


    First Period: Physics (8:10-8:54)


    Second Period: Physical Science (8:58-9:42)


    Third Period: Chemistry I (9:46-10:30)


    Fourth Period: Physical Science & Co (10:34-11:18)


    Fifth Period: Chemistry I (11:22-12:06)


    Lunch B: (11:58-12:42)


    Sixth Period: Physical Science (12:46-1:30)


    Seventh Period: Earth & Space Science (1:34-2:18)




  • The 2018-2019 school year is my 9th year teaching science at JCHS.  I received my Master’s in Teaching at Rockford University and my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry at SIUC.  I discovered my passion for teaching while being a dance instructor through my college years and decided to use my chemistry degree to teach high school science.  I love teaching high school students and watching them grow!

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