• Class Schedule

    1st Hour: Art I
    2nd Hour: Art II and Art III
    3rd Hour: Art I
    4th Hour: Art II and III
    5th Hour: Ceramics I / II
    Lunch B
    6th Hour - Art 1
    7th Hour - Art I


  • The art club has not been able to do all their regular events this year due to covid; however they were able to still paint windows on Broadway.

  • Art 1 1 Credit 9-12

    Prerequisite: None

    This is an introductory course to the visual arts. This class is designed to help build students skills in problem solving, and creative thinking, which will help students in all areas of life. In this class students will get an introduction to the elements and principles of design while working with both 2D and 3D mediums. Students are required to provide some simple materials and pay $10.00 per class Art Activity Fee. 


    Art 2 1 Credit 10-12

    Prerequisite: Art 1 

    This course is designed to further develop the concepts and skills learned in art one. In this class students will be working on more advanced projects in both 2D and 3D mediums. Students will need to continue to develop their problem solving, and creative thinking skills through experimentation and trial and error. 


    Art 3 1 Credit 11-12

    Prerequisite: Art 1-2

    This course is meant for third level advanced art students who have completed Art 1 and Art 2.    Skills learned in Art 1 and Art 2 are incorporated and enhanced through this course.  Each student will use their prior knowledge in the previous courses to investigate more thoroughly two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects.  Students must show initiative and good work habits in addition to being interested in art.


    Advance Art 1 Credit           12

    Prerequisite: Art 1,2,3 good attendances, and consent of instructor

    This class is designed for students gifted in art who are planning a career in the visual arts field.  Working within a classroom situation, the student decides on his or her course of art pursuits whether it be fine arts, graphic arts, etc.  Students must be self-disciplined in their use of time.  Ideas for projects are homework; time in class must be used for art production.  In addition to the actual artwork, students are required to do a written critique and evaluation of each of their projects.  Forms for acceptance into this class are available in the guidance office and must be signed by the art instructor

    Ceramics I             .5 Credit                 10-12       

    Prerequisite: Art 1

    Students will learn the basic ceramics techniques of pinch, coil and slab hand building techniques, as well as wheel throwing.  Students will be working with various finishing and glazing techniques as well to create both functional and non-functional ceramics pieces.  


    Ceramics II             .5 Credit                               10-12

    Prerequisite: Ceramics I

    This class will continue the study of ceramics begun in Ceramics I.  Students will be creating more complex clay projects both in form and function.  More advanced finishing and glazing techniques will be taught in this class. 


    Photography 1 .5 Credits 10-12 

    Prerequisite: None

    In this class students would learn the basics of how to use a DSLR camera, and Adobe Photoshop editing software. Throughout this class projects will continue to build on various compositional techniques used by professional’s photographers. 

    Photography 2 .5 Credits 10-12 

    Prerequisite: Photography 1 

    This is an advanced class that will continue to build on the skills learned in photography 1. In this class students will learn more about different types of lighting techniques, and portrait style photography.