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  • My name is Linda Adkins. I'm married to Ed Adkins and, live in Johnston City. We have 2 children. Alex Adkins is a graduate of JC and recently graduated from SIU in May 2017. He is currently interviewing for a federal job in Washington, D.C., and my daughter, Alexis Adkins, is a graduate from JC and is currently enrolled in nursing school at JALC. I graduated from JCHS in 1987, and was employed by a school in Franklin County for four years, then I was hired by Williamson County's Special Education District and assigned to JCHS. I've been teaching at JCHS since 1996. 

  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook

    Favorite Quote: When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.

    - Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Class Schedule

    1st Hour- English III/ Study Skills

    2nd Hour- English I/ Study Skills

    3rd Hour- Co-Teaching U.S. Government

    4th Hour- Co-Teaching U.S. Government

    5th Hour- English III/Study Skills

    6th Hour- Biology I/ Study Skills

    7th Hour - English I/Study Skills