• John A. Logan College

    Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment & Summer Honors Program

  • Dual Credit: Johnston City High School offers several dual credit classes for our juniors and seniors (and Sophomores meeting certain criteria), which are taught at our high school by our instructors.  Students take these classes during their normal high school schedule and receive credit for high school and JALC for the same class.  They are enrolled in both high school and college for the same course (dual credit).  They will receive a very small bill from JALC for an online and technology fee.  These classes change periodically. Classes currently offered are as follows.

        • Biology II (Mr. Suchecki)

        • CNA (Mrs. Mummert)

        • Comp Concepts (Mrs. Will)

        • English I and II (Borger)

        • Keyboarding (Mrs. Kosco)

        • Med Term (Mrs. Kosco)

        • Psychology (Mrs. Rabideau)


    For more information on dual credit, click here.
  • Dual Enrollment: Students that elect to take JALC classes at one of their locations (not taught by JCHS staff) are classified as dual enrollment.  This means they are enrolled as both a high school student and a college student at the same time.  The student's college grade will count towards their high school GPA.  The student is responsible for reporting their grade at midterm and final to our guidance counselor.  The student must register for classes through JCHS's guidance counselor and will be responsible for a small technology fee from the college.  If the student's schedule allows, the student will be allowed to leave JCHS to attend class at the college campus.


    For more information regarding dual enrollment, click here.

  • Summer Honors Program: Students entering their junior and senior year that meet certain academic criteria may qualify for this program.  Eligible students will be notified ahead of time and may sign up to take JALC summer classes for a small technology fee (tuition is waived). The student must register for classes through JCHS's guidance counselor or when JALC visits JCHS (usually in April).