Remote students, if you need lunch and breakfast for the week please remember to call us every Monday before 4:00 and put your order in! You now will get enough food to cover the weekend also.

    Please take advantage of this, it is FREE to all students for the school year.

    You can pick up meals at any school, except High School students need to pick theirs up at the High School, any other student may pick theirs up at any school that is closest to you, on Wednesday between 9-10 am.

    If you need to call and order them at Washington our number is 983-7581, Jefferson's number is 983-7561, and Lincoln's number is 982-2130.

  • After School Care

    Please click link below for information & forms.

    Please call the office & fill out the forms if you are interested in sending your child to Latchkey.




     KIDS FIRST Latchkey Forms

  • Homework Help

    We are now offering Homework Help at the Highschool

    Monday-Thursday  5:00p.m.-7:00p.m.

    Please contact the office if you believe your child could benefit from Homework Help.

    We can schedule an appointment for you.