• Hello WMS Students and Caregivers,

     I am Margie Sanders, and I serve as the librarian at our Washington Middle School.  I also volunteer as the school collector, and this is where you come in.  Our WMS students need to bring items to the library or put them in the plastic tub on the school porch. 

    Box Tops (clip or scan code) Boxtops are cashed in twice a year and the money received helps us purchase more books for our school library.  They are found on many food and school supply items.

    Plastic Lids/Caps We don't have an active project right now, but we know others that are.  Recycling is good. We have acquired benches and picnic tables for our school from this project in the past. 

    Toner/Ink Cartridges We recycle used cartridges and receive credit at our local "Staples" stores.  This project helps our entire school unit purchase items.

    Soda Tabs The soda tabs are taken to our local Shriner's Club to help support the Shriner's Hospital for Children.

    Markers Dried up markers, highlighters, sharpies, etc are collected all school year and sent to "Crayola" for recycling.

    We really hope that you can help us with these recycling projects. Thank you! 

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