•  Illinois PBIS Network

    The mission of the Illinois PBIS Network is to build skills and capacity of PBIS district and school-based leadership teams through training, coaching and technical assistance.  The focus is assisting schools in developing structures for teaching expected behaviors and social skills, creating student behavioral and academic support systems, and applying data-based decision-making to discipline, academics, and social/emotional learning at the school, district, regional, and state levels.  The Illinois PBIS Network promotes family and community involvement at all levels of implementation.

    • Illinois PBIS Network Goals: (Illinois PBIS Network 2009-10 Annual Progress Report)

      1. Increase data-based decision-making on behavior and academic instruction and reinforce across all school settings.
      2.  Increase consistent use and effect of research-based behavioral and academic instructional strategies among all school staff at schoolwide, classroom, and individual student levels.
      3.  Reduce use of reactive discipline measures in schools (e.g., office discipline referrals, detentions, suspensions, expulsions) for all students.
      4.  Increase academic achievement levels of all students.
      5.  Implement effective intervention plans for students with the most comprehensive behavioral and emotional needs that support and evaluate their success across home, school, and community.
      6.  Increase capacity of general education settings to successfully educate students with disabilities and prevent academic and/or social failures of all students.
      7.  Increase capacity of schools and districts to address over- and under-representation of students by ethnicity relative to discipline, disability status, and academic achievement with access to data on these outcomes.
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  • What is PBIS?

    Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an evidence-based three-tiered framework for improving and integrating all of the data, systems, and practices affecting student outcomes every day. It is a way to support everyone – especially students with disabilities – to create the kinds of schools where all students are successful.

    PBIS isn’t a curriculum you purchase or something you learn during a one-day professional development training. It is a commitment to addressing student behavior through systems change. When it’s implemented well, students achieve improved social and academic outcomes, schools experience reduced exclusionary discipline practices, and school personnel feel more effective.


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